You want to lose weight? SO WHAT.

I see people struggling and trying to lose weight and I often hear in their voices a sound of despair. It’s an underlying lack of faith in the possibility that they can reach their goal. I hear comments about the impossibility of keeping the weight off, how what worked before could never work now, or that no matter what they do it just won’t work.

I’m always immediately struck by their mindset and it makes me sad. How can they possibly succeed if they don’t believe they can, and what will it take to make them believe? Why are they so mentally trapped and how do they get past those barriers? My optimistic prompts to focus on how they feel rather than immediate results bounce off their minds like arrows hitting a metal shield.

And then I go back in time. Back to when I was 59 pounds heavier. Back when I was climbing close to 200 pounds and I had loads of irrational fears like “Maybe I’m meant to be fat.” “Maybe being skinny is only for kids.” I had those fears and worries that my body might never be the way I wanted it to be. So I changed my mindset. I accepted the possibility that my body might not look how I want it to look. I realized I can’t go back in time. What I COULD do????? I could control my actions, behavior, and invest in my health. Regardless of how my body ever looked, I could still treat myself right and give my body what is best: exercise, water, and healthy foods. Very gradually and slowly I learned to nourish my body and my life, and each year it showed on the outside a little more. Looking better was a side effect of increasing my knowledge, my emotional awareness, and my love for physical fitness. I didn’t start out knowing about nutrition or having more fitness abilities than anyone else. I just committed to improving myself.

On the left I was nearing 200 pounds, and on the right after years of enjoying  a healthy lifestyle.

On the left I was nearing 200 pounds, and on the right after years of enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

So here is the REAL question: What do you want more than losing weight? What is MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING SKINNY?
What do you want more?

I wanted freedom. Freedom from binging, from apathy, freedom from lethargy and depression. I wanted to FEEL GOOD. I wanted a healthy lifestyle and I wanted to make sure it was something I could enjoy and maintain for life. I wanted to conquer and move on. I wanted my life to be about other things that brought me happiness. I wanted to be mentally free from food. Get it?

We all know mindset is important. Our life can’t revolve around arbitrary numbers, deadlines, or superficial values. So I would love to hear from you…….

What do you want more than being skinny or losing weight?
Jenny Ragland

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