Work Life Balance

Right now I am working 2 full time jobs. I am fortunate that both are jobs I can work from home. I manage a bed and breakfast in downtown St. Augustine, Florida, America’s oldest city. On top of that full time 24/7 job, I am building my own online health coaching business. Needless to say, I work all day long. I take breaks for meals and interaction with staff, but the momentum with my online business is growing and consuming more minutes every day. 

So it was perfect that after 5 days in a row of setting some personal records with my business, I was told by Natalie Sisson (#10DBC Day 8) to take a day off for myself. This morning I was crunching in last minute phone calls and customer check ins when my boyfriend arrived to visit. It felt almost like an intervention. I HAD to stop working and I couldn’t. I have gotten consumed by this work in the past and I recognize this familiar enthusiasm. It makes the magic happen, but it takes away from the rest of life. 

So today I finally achieved enough of a stopping point for us to go swimming, shopping, have a meal out, pay attention to his football games, and chill……with the exception of writing this blog post haha 🙂

Enjoying the local pool with my man.

Enjoying the local pool with my man.

I have to be careful to keep the balance. For the first time ever I have a plan that has worked…….. for a week. I worked hard for 5.5 days then had date night. Then I will work the 6th day. And the 7th day is Celebration Day!!!! I timed Celebration Day to be on Mondays for a reason. It’s the best day to take off in my opinion. Everyone else is back to work. 

I have saved every task that seemed enjoyable and fun for this day and I will make sure it is both well deserved, and thoroughly enjoyed. As far as adventures go, those are big things that take months of planning and pushing myself to physical extremes. Today is a day of practicing work life balance 🙂

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8


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