Winning the Beachbody Cup

During the month of July 2013 I competed in the Beachbody Cup along with four other coaches. I knew I was getting into a competitive, high pressure, challenge that was to be taken very seriously. My friend and team captain Melanie asked me a couple days before July began, “Are you sure you are up for this Cup challenge? It takes some serious commitment and you have to work harder than you ever have.” My response was, “I’m on summer break and have no excuse not to do this.” Plus I really wanted to grow my business.

So July 1st began, and we held our kickoff call. For the first time, I heard the voices of Clarissa, Jennifer, and Carolynn. We discussed the cup rules, points, and how we should work our hardest all month long. Then we started. The points are earned for every new challenger you bring in during the month. You also get points for signing up coaches, advancing in rank, having customers to sign up for Shakeology, etc. Beachbody takes the natural roles of coaches, and then creates this competitive team atmosphere where we work to get the most points and beat out all the other teams. Talk about energy.

Team Carl's Angels with Tony Horton

Team Carl’s Angels with Tony Horton

Then the first week rankings came out, and we were in 5th place. We had some strong leaders in our group, and ranking in the top 5 pushed us out of our chairs. We instantly knew we could win, and so we did. The next three weeks were a roller coaster of energy and momentum as we pushed ourselves and worked harder than we ever had.
Our private workout with Tony Horton

Our private workout with Tony Horton

So, what was the prize? The top winning team got an all expense paid trip to Beachbody headquarters and a private workout with Tony Horton from P90x. That’s a big deal!!!!! I’m still amazed that we did it, and still in awe of the way Beachbody spoiled its winners. The trip was wonderful. Tony Horton was awesome. Meeting the CEO and all the corporate employees was fascinating. Prizes kept coming in the mail for three months after July. And I still have yet to see the footage and photos from the awesome experience. I have never felt so privileged to be a part of any company.
So what now? I continue building my business and begin helping other coaches to do the same. As of the moment I write this, I am competing in my second Beachbody cup. The grand prize is similar, and the next top 5 teams get iPads, new workouts, winter Beachbody gear, etc. I can’t wait to see where my new team places, and I can’t wait to win another cup with all of my own personally sponsored coaches.

What’s even better than winning, though, is actually coaching people to their health goals. Since July I have been able to help close to 50 people create a healthier lifestyle, and then those 50 people will help their own friends and family. It’s amazing to watch this happen, and I’m thankful for the Beachbody Cup to challenge me to reach out to more people than I ever imagined.

Outside Beachbody headquarters in Santa Monica

Outside Beachbody headquarters in Santa Monica

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