Why you don’t need a personal trainer.

Woman exercising with personal trainerWhy you don’t need a personal trainer.

Last fall I almost hired a personal trainer. I know a guy in my hometown that is talented, professional, and I watched him train a woman into ridiculously good shape. She did cardio every morning, then met with him every night of the week. She spent two hours a day at the gym either by herself or with the trainer. The last time I saw her she had the fittest body I’ve seen for a woman her age, around 45 years old. She had a lean toned body, a firm core, and was able to do things that twenty year old girls couldn’t. The guy gets results. I wasn’t sure I could afford paying for his help, but I knew he was great.

Then my friend approached me about Beachbody. She was coaching and told me all about the workouts, the coaching aspect, the shakes. She kept telling me I should join her. I asked her about the length of the program and she said, “Jenny, some people have so much success with their workouts they get addicted and end up buying new workouts and products for a long time.” Hmmmmmmm. That means this stuff must really work and can be used for life. I compared the cost of an Insanity Challenge Pack with the cost of the personal trainer and thought, “I will own this workout for life. If I pay a personal trainer, my time and money will both run out within two months.” I looked at Shaun T and the bodies in Insanity, the style of workout, and I knew I could get the same results. I bought it.

I started my transformation the month of February 2013, just over six months ago. I went from flabby and average to a much leaner and toned physique. Insanity combines intense cardio with personal training boot camp style moves into an average of 45 minutes a day. I was getting a personal trainer, an at home gym workout, healthy nutritious shakes, and excellent results for much less time and money than if I had paid for a local gym membership and a personal trainer. I missed out on the experience of working with a trainer that I admire and respect, but I was still able to get amazing results.

My success made me wonder. . . . .”if I can get this lean and toned, I wonder if I can firm up my butt?” My rear end has always been my weakest body part in appearance. I looked at Brazil Butt Lift, and the goofy Brazilian guy training women, and wondered. . . . . .”maybe this workout would be like hiring a personal trainer that could focus solely on fixing my butt?”

Guess what, it worked. I could change the shape of my butt. It’s not amazing yet, but the program quickly made an obvious difference and I’m still using it.

Then I thought. . . . I have NEVER had a six pack, even when I was severely underweight. Is it possible for me? My core was so much tighter after Insanity that maybe I had some new muscles there. I focused on nutrition for 45 days and added Les Mills Pump to my routine, and low and behold, I had a definite beginner formation of a six pack underneath my final layer of belly fat!!!! WOW. My nutrition knowledge comes from books, documentaries, blogs, the Internet. There is a new healthy foods movement growing that is helping people to finally stop eating addictive foods.

So in the end……

Did I need a personal trainer? No.
Did I need a gym membership? No.
Did I need a celebrity bank account? No.
Did I need a nutritionist? No.

personal trainer scream

That’s why these workouts are so GENIUS. They take outstanding trainers, innovative exercise moves with proven results, and they embrace true hard work. They put it on DVD and they ship it to you. It’s like an online course in everything fitness. I feel like I am getting a masters degree in exercise. I’m learning all the moves, form, stretching, intervals, plyometrics, yoga, breathing, but most of all how to accomplish physical feats with the human body. Each workout comes with nutrition guides and page after page of recipe ideas.

It’s genius.
I feel like I have discovered a goldmine.
And yes, I am one of those people that is addicted to the success, the workouts, the knowledge of how to reshape my own body. I’ve purchased five of the workouts now, and I am on auto-ship with the shakes.
I would love for you to join me on this journey, while I coach you and teach you everything I have learned about fitness and nutrition both.
It’s the smartest decision I ever made and I passionately recommend this program in its entirety. Message me to get started.

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