What is Superteam?


What is the SuperTeam?
The SuperTeam is a private, online, Facebook group. We are like-minded people with a focus on getting healthy, strong, losing weight, and getting our bodies as fit as possible.

How do I join the SuperTeam?
You can join SuperTeam by signing up through a Beachbody coach that is in SuperTeam.

What do you get by joining SuperTeam?
When you join SuperTeam you now have a large support group of peers that are completing a Beachbody program, drinking Shakeology, cheering each other on, sharing fitness tips, nutrition ideas, and recipes. You can find an accountability partner to speak to daily as you struggle and excel and move forward. You have a safe place to vent, confess, ask for help, cry out in indignation, rejoice in success, break through barriers, and just plain have fun. Mostly, with SuperTeam you are not alone in the quest for good health. And we all know this life has some major obstacles when it comes to getting healthy.

Why is it called the SuperTeam?
We eat Superfoods, work out in the SuperGym, and everyday are turning our bodies into superhuman pillars of great health. We are Superheroes and that is no exaggeration. Just wait until you realize what the human body is capable of and you will feel the Superpowers yourself. Oh and we love Shaun T and he is a superhero in disguise (hence the ST). Don’t worry, he is on our side.

Message Jenny to join today! Or click on “Get Fit!”

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