We all came from somewhere…

Growing up I wasn’t a writer. I focused on images and color and art. I loved to sing and I loved to draw and I read books, but for some reason I didn’t really start “writing” until I was an adult. It started with personal journaling in notebook after notebook, which have all been discarded now due to my minimalism tendencies. I wondered if I would regret throwing away all those diary like journals of personal thoughts and learnings as I transitioned into a confident adult, and maybe I will down the road.

Part of them are still present though. Sometime around 2009 I was inspired by a friend to start a blog and begin writing publicly. I transitioned from journaling to blogging and loved the creative process of just “getting things out” and writing about anything I wanted. Although still a little like a diary, all my original blog posts can be found here. They helped me to find my voice as a speaker and a writer and I am embarrassed of them somewhat, but have decided not to throw these away yet. We all started somewhere and there’s no reason to be ashamed of our beginnings.

The actual link is www.raglandrambles.blogspot.com

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