Today I wanted fast food

Today I wanted to eat fast food. The school bell rang and I sat there worn out, looking at all the cleaning, grading, planning, and meetings I still had yet to do. I felt tired and sluggish. My work day had just ended, and yet I still had hours to go.

I started thinking about getting a coffee and fast food. If I couldn’t go home or do something relaxing at least this would make me feel better about the next 3-4 hours of work right?

So I sluggishly drug myself out to my car, leaving my classroom light on because I knew I had to return.

Then as I drove toward Starbucks I reconsidered that veggie Taco Bell meal I had started brainstorming.

I could just drink the coffee?
I could eat a fresh fruit from my cooler?
I could wake myself up, work at a fast pace, and then swing by the grocery store. I could buy stuff to make healthy lettuce tacos for dinner this week. Maybe…………

And something switched. Suddenly I knew I could do it. No more being weak. I got my coffee, and returned to school.

I finished my preparations. I did my chores. And I went to the grocery store.

How was I able to resist fast food? Because I am accountable to my SuperTeam. Because I have fitness and health goals I am working toward. Because I knew my own version of tacos is just as yummy as Taco Bell.

And because the way I felt reminded me of when I was depressed. I remember that gloomy outlook on life, and I thought to myself: if I have to live here and be alive, I might as well be successful and enjoy it as much as I can. And in that moment I found strength.

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