The Summer Body Makeover Challenge

What could be better than summer AND a makeover? Not much in my opinion. That’s why my fellow coaches and I put together this tempting challenge to get our bodies ready for summer fun and swimsuits. The makeover reward at the end? That’s just the icing on the cake. And that’s how I roll 🙂

So how do you enter? Simply fill out the form HERE.

What are some of the juicy details for this challenge? Well to start we are doing the 21 Day Fix. I’m forming some smaller groups of girls getting fit for more intimate support. And this time around, you can choose 2 friends to do it with you. Lots of girl time included! And the Makeover?? We each choose our makeover picture and at the end of the challenge, those of us that have met our goals splurge away. I will be giving out some prizes to help with the makeovers and I’ll be working away to make sure your makeover goals are 100 percent realistic and attainable. That’s my job.

So don’t wait because every day, every meal, every minute counts toward getting you looking and feeling great.

Enter here.


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