The only way to complete your At Home Gym

When I started working out at home all I needed was my body and gravity. I was doing boot camp style workouts with Darrin in the basement and backyard. However, I really transformed myself when I added the Insanity program to my routine, which pushed us beyond our personal limits and gave us both a body we never believed we could get. From that point on, I knew I would always love and prefer at home workouts.

What was the first thing I missed? Lifting weights. I heard Beachbody offered a Pump workout that came with a bar and weights and decided to check it out. It didn’t take much convincing at all when I realized how much I would get with one small purchase:

-An entire dvd collection of workouts with international trainers

-The smoothest bar, weights, and simple clips to hold everything in place

-A calendar and program designed to give you 3 solid workouts a week with plenty of recovery

-Another awesome Beachbody Nutrition plan and a one month supply of Shakeology



All of that for one bargain price and I would OWN my own weight set. The people I know with an at home weight set have spent THOUSANDS. This program was completely affordable, and I can slide all the weights under my couch? Genius.

So this month I feel it is my duty to share with the world that LES MILLS PUMP IS FINALLY ON SALE. I spent probably 240 on my set, and this month the Challenge Pack is bargain priced at 180 dollars. I have been waiting for this workout to go on sale ever since I joined. Do you want those heart pumping weight workouts in your own living room too?

click here


Note: Fill out the form on Pg. 1, Choose the Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack on Pg. 2, and confirm/pay on Page 3. Shoot me a message if you have ANY signup questions 🙂


Also you can checkout my video’s on Les Mills Pump :

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