The importance of taking before pictures

My physical Transformation

My physical Transformation

As adults we always wish to get in better shape. Sometimes we are active and sometimes we are not. Our weight changes from time to time, it goes up and down, if only slightly, all the time.

Then there is that moment. The second we realize that we are going to take action, BIG action, and change our body. It may not be for appearance. Often we just want to be able to keep up with our children or climb a flight of stairs without breathing hard. For some it is about fitting into certain pieces of clothing. Often we are inspired by someone we know to begin taking small steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

But WAIT! Stop right there, and take a picture. LITERALLY! Take a picture. You might be thinking, I don’t want to see myself! Or I don’t want to set myself up with too high of expectations if things don’t change! I am asking you to trust that things will change and do this. You don’t have to show anyone, or share or post them, but at the very least take your before pictures.

The people that fearlessly take those pictures are more likely to succeed. You need to see yourself as you are. You need to record your journey through life, and towards better health. You need to see your own improvement and let it motivate you to keep going.

I was once much heavier. I never took official before pictures and eventually my weight came down over a couple years. But even now at a healthy weight, I took before pictures. As I began a new fitness challenge that was completely different than anything I have done in my life I knew the importance of recording the process. Ain’t no way I’m gonna work this hard and not be able to brag later bout my progress! 🙂

So, I cannot stress enough the importance of taking Before pictures. You may not want to but if you do it will solidify a commitment deep inside of you that will push you further than you will ever go otherwise. Trust me. We need all the motivation we can get when things get tough, and those before and after pictures are invaluable to the process.

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