The 21 Day Fix

Imagine yourself losing up to 15 pounds in just 21 days.
Even better, imagine learning a system that helps regular people like you and I eat healthily?
Yes it is possible.

I’m stoked to announce that the long awaited 21 Day Fix is now available. Beachbody has once again created a breakthrough program that will help our typical working American lose weight and transform themselves.

Do you need a nutritonist? No.
Do you need to count calories? No.
Do you need to spend hours preparing complicated meals? No.

With the 21 Day Fix you get a short, concise, easy to implement nutrition program. You also get a 30 minute workout by celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese. And you get the next most innovative tool that will help our society ward off obesity. I’m in love with the potential for this program to reach out and grab the people that are frustrated with food, struggling with knowing what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, etc.
Yes, this program tackles portion control in a unique way that no program ever has.

When you join any of my challenges you typically start with this 21 Day Program because it gets you moving, it gets you losing weight, it teaches you all about superfoods and portions, and of course it comes in the form of a Challenge Pack.
I wouldn’t have people start any other way. You get your at home modifiable workout (yes anyone can do it), you get a month supply of the Superfood Shakeology, the nutrition plan, but even more important it comes with coached support from me and my team of weight loss superheroes.

It’s currently priced at $160.00. This is not a gym membership that has to be repaid monthly, or a personal trainer that can only help you lift weights once a week, and it’s completely refundable if you decide it’s not for you even after the 21 days has ended (30 day return policy).

Regardless of all the amazing things this Challenge Pack comes with, the friends you are about to create and the life changes you are about to make with having the support of a coach, the opportunity is endless.
Your body, your healthy, your LIFE, are worth it.

Are you ready to see what your body is capable of doing in just 21 days?
Let’s get started.
CLICK HERE to purchase and get started right away.

Check out this excellent video on the FIX:


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