The #1 Mistake People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

What's the #1 Mistake People Make when trying to Lose Weight-

I asked on social media, “What do you think is the #1 Mistake people make when trying to lose weight?” and I got a TON of responses. Here are what some people said:

  • Trying to do everything all at once

  • Giving up after one setback

  • Lacking confidence

  • No self discipline

  • “They go full speed and then crash. It’s a vicious cycle.”

  • Not setting reasonable short term goals

  • Crash diets and fad diets

  • Letting life and excuses get in the way

  • Emotional eating and then giving up

  • “Too much stress not enough healthy coping skills”

  • “Unrealistic Expectations. Everyone wants results “right now!” and it just doesn’t work that way”

  • Lack of accountability

  • Thyroid problems

  • Feeling overwhelmed.

All of those are definitely problems that people deal with when trying to get healthy. But coming from the perspective of a health coach, I have noticed a trend. There is a simple, tiny, mistake that I see a LOT of my clients make and it doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but it really messes them up and often they don’t realize it.

That mistake is not eating enough food.


One person commented on my poll “skipping meals” and he was right.

This does NOT mean eat all the junk food you want. What it means is that we should eat a healthy meal plan consisting of 3-5 meals spaced out throughout our day.

The problem is that many of us skip breakfast, rush through our mornings and afternoons grabbing whatever is quick and easy, and often binge or eat over-sized calorie dense foods when we do finally get a meal.

So why can’t more of us simply eat healthy foods more often and lose weight?

Because we don’t know how, or what to eat, or how much. And we don’t have experience planning, buying, and preparing those healthy meals ahead of time.

And this is where I can help.

I offer a coached program to guide people through all the planning it takes to be ready before your day even begins, to wake up and coast on autopilot because you have been preparing and eating healthy foods for so long that it finally becomes routine. To enable you to work, play, and LIVE while eating healthy and feeling good.

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