Sometimes we need to look back instead of forward

In January of 2012 I had serious career anxiety, depression, and I had given up on my health and appearance.

At times I was incapable of enjoying life and I was self aware of those feelings. I knew I needed to seek help. So I spoke to my brother Jesse, my best friend Melanie, and a counselor. It took a few months but with their help and ideas I came up with a plan.

I decided to leave the public teaching profession but not for 18 more months. During that 18 months I started two businesses and radically improved my health and well being through fitness and nutrition. From that point forward, I had something to look forward to: opportunity, transformation, and accomplishing things I never thought possible.
Those 18 months I built online websites, went through personal development trainings, worked and sweated my body through the most intense at home workout ever created, and payed down my commercial debt. I learned to coach others to lose weight and perfected my physical condition to the best possible.
But most important was that inner desire to live. I felt ALIVE and excited about life.

My physical Transformation

My physical Transformation

Instead of feeling trapped I now see opportunity. Instead of harming my body with a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition I now know how and to live healthy. And instead of working in fear and depression, my job is now to help others do what I did.

Thank you to those of you that were a part of that journey, especially to the heroes in Superteam that participated along the way.

I invite YOU now, to look back at where you came from and where you are going. Are you pleased with what you see? Do the actions you are taking get you closer to your goals, closer to the life you want?

If I can help by setting you on the path to good health, I promise I will give you my best 🙂
If you just want someone to talk to, by all means please contact me right away.

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