Quitting My Job and Going Treasure Hunting

Friday was my last day. After 5 years of teaching Art in the public school system I’ve decided to do something different. I was always conflicted about teaching in public schools and I knew early on that I needed more as a professional. The common statistic says 50 percent of teachers leave the profession within their first five years of teaching and I believe it to be true. So I decided I would teach for at least two different schools, and 18 months ago, during my 4th year of teaching the decision was made. I would stick it out for one more year, give myself time to create a new career and pay off debt, so that I could begin a new chapter.

It feels so good. The truth is I would have left teaching with or without the discovery of Beachbody. I was that committed to changing my career path and pursuing a lifestyle of passion and reward. I was already designing my website and had been blogging for years, and I had a general idea of the direction I wanted to go. Insanity became my stress reliever as I worked another 18 months, coaching others to lose weight became my distraction and extra income, and Beachbody offers the program and products that make it all possible.

So on Friday as I said goodbye to my last group of students, one talented young artist offered me an artwork. It was the students’ final project: a vintage themed collage of drawings on brown paper and crumpled and distressed to look old and worn. I told her I loved her drawing and would be honored to keep it. I was instantly moved by the images drawn and her choice of quote. She seemed pleased that someone else appreciated the drawing and was happy to have me finish it.

The finished project. Pencil and pen on brown paper. Size 18X24

The finished project. Pencil and pen on brown paper. Size 18X24

It is my treasure map. I spent probably 3 hours finishing the project with ink pen, gold accents, crumpling it, and adding some burnt edges. As I embark on a self-employed career path and take chances that many people wouldn’t dare risk, the quote by Bruce Lee is my key to success: “Long term consistency trumps short term intensity.” I will not give up. I don’t expect things to be easy or quick and I know that meeting my goals will take lots of consistent work every day. I will have to make sacrifices and take part time jobs and work very hard. But I won’t settle and I won’t regret things I didn’t do. Success is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m prepared to travel for miles every day because I consider this new life my golden opportunity. I crave new experiences. I long to travel the world and meet new people. And I don’t plan to carry much with me, but this treasure map will fit into my suitcase and keep me going when I need inspiration. It will remind me of where I came from and where I’m going.

Thank you Emily for the gift.


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