Paying off the last credit card and losing the last 5 pounds

It’s been over two years since I set my debt payoff goal. I knew that I would be leaving teaching in June of 2014 and that it would be my final teacher paycheck. I also divided up my debt and it was just barely impossible to pay off my debt by this date.

I knew I would have to work an extra job, or two, to make it happen. And I knew it would be really really hard to make it happen.

Well, I’m happy to announce I am credit card free. However, just like losing that last 5 pounds at the end of a weight loss journey, I still have a tiny annoying bit of credit card debt.

All the accounts are closed, all the cards are cut up, and all of them are paid off……except that last one. I’m down to a seriously tiny amount in comparison to where I started a few years ago.

I’ve sold my car, I’ve used extra savings, I’ve applied two years of tax refunds, and now I’m selling all my extra belongings in a garage sale.

The bigger part of all this? Dealing with the possible emotional letdown of it taking a little longer than I hoped.

And the truth is my last teacher paycheck is big enough to pay it off. I could easily have that balance be at a zero. Would I have enough money for groceries and gas? Probably not. So I made the mature decision to accept that it might take another month or two to get to my ultimate goal. Just like in weight loss, we have to accept that our bodies don’t shed extra pounds and look perfectly sculpted as fast as we would like.

I’ve set a goal and done well. I’ve closed all credit cards and will not be in commercial debt ever again, no matter how poor or rich I become. And the future is bright as I venture out into the world feeling good at what I have accomplished.

Closed and cut up.

Closed and cut up.

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