Painting Spotlight: Union Station, Kansas City.


As a travel artist, I carry a small watercolor paint set and complete quick drying paintings of things I see on the go. Here is a quick spotlight of one of my artworks. To keep it simple, I answer just 3 questions.

Title: Union Station, Kansas City

1. What it is:

This was my first official travel painting in watercolor. I sat under a tree in a grassy area in front of Union Station and sketched part of the building and the fountain in one scene. I remember the security guard that was watching the parking lot allowed me to park for free because I didn’t have any small change. As I returned to my car I stopped to thank him and show him my painting. He was friendly and smiled, before helping another group of people.

2. Something I like about it:

I like the lightness of this painting and the airy colors. I think I captured the clear blue sky and spring air. It has a simplicity and quickness to the design and color that I am okay with. Knowing this was my first of a series, I was happy with just capturing what I saw that day. It is also the only travel painting I completed in K.C. before I left.

3. Where I was at in my life when I painted it:

The day I sat and painted this I had my bags packed and was ready to “set sail” for full time traveling. That week I had left both of my part time jobs in Kansas City and started saying goodbyes. Just a day or so later I would paddle east from Kaw Point on the first day of my kayak trip on the Missouri River. I was full of ambition and opportunity with the unknown adventures in my path ahead. Life was grand and perfect on this day.

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