My Story as a Coach

I coach because it has given me health and freedom. I started out overweight, sedentary, and with a fast food lifestyle. I was living with high anxiety and career related depression. I felt trapped and insignificant and I was not making a difference in the world.

Teacher Burnout

When I started my first program, I had nowhere to go but up. I committed to 60 days and joined my coaches Challenge Group. The support and accountability and decision to complete 60 days no matter what, changed everything for me.

I lost ALL extra pounds, I could move and crawl and pick things up and do burpees and pushups. I stood up straight. My new confidence in myself physically also made me realize that NO MATTER WHAT I would leave my stressful career.

Strong and straight 🙂

Beachbody became my escape. I shared my transformation and started inviting everyone I knew to my coached group. I started earning weekly paychecks to help me pay off debt and pay for my own programs. I saw other people that were full time Beachbody coaches and I decided, during that first year, that I wanted the same for myself.

bb brick

It hasn’t happened fast for me. I have had to grow and learn a million things about leading others, about team building, about network marketing, social media, and the inviting process. I applied myself daily, weekly, and monthly to learning the ropes of this business.

It wasn’t a maybe or something I wanted to “see if I was good at.” For me it was a non negotiable that I would learn whatever it takes to BECOME good at it.

I chose this because I wanted to work in the health and fitness industry. I want to help other people lose weight and eat healthy. I want to show people how to travel and live in accordance with their health and life goals.

And I don’t have to do it alone. I have a TEAM of people working together to end the trend of obesity. We plan our groups, we invite together, we help each others customers, and we learn from each other.

Beachbody coaching has turned into my passion, my career, and my path to freedom. Freedom to live and work anywhere I please. Freedom to choose the people I work with. Freedom to be creative and schedule my own time. There is no better career option that I know of. The products are unbeatable, the system gets people results, and the team is a group of positive, life changing, leaders.

Will you join us?



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