My Perfect Day

On my perfect day I wake up at 7 in the morning, early enough that I feel like I have claimed my morning. I journal for 5 minutes about what I am grateful for and what would make the day a success. Then I rise, make my bed, dress, and start my workout.

On my perfect day I am not in a hurry. I can do yoga, meditate, or do weight training or a high intensity workout. I have time to do some exercises to correct posture and document my progress. I share my fitness with my followers on social media along with an inspiring quote.


After getting full of fitness endorphins and properly stretched I move on to a shower or bath with essential oils. I dress and make myself pretty for the day, wearing my minimalist yet stylish wardrobe, simple but fashionable and also comfortable. I sit down at my computer to do the most important part of my day, grow my business. I check in with all my customers, schedule calls with my team, and complete my marketing and recruiting tasks. My work is not hard, it simply requires showing up and being consistent. I do creative posts and challenges and challenge myself to learn new things from the people I work with. I don’t have to work for other people anymore, I am fully self sufficient. I now work with the people of my choosing in my health coaching, travel, and art business.

In the afternoon I log off. It’s time for nature. I go hiking, swimming, biking, jogging, or paddling. I live in a scenic area and have a high level view of the environment. When I am solo I listen to podcasts or Audible, and other times I enjoy the company of a friend or colleague. At times I live in community settings, other times I have a private place to myself. I am free to choose either for the upcoming 3-6 months at a time. On days I am not outside, I meet friends and colleagues for lunch, coffee, or to talk about business. A couple afternoons a week I spend on creative tasks like painting, writing a blog, or putting together a newsletter.

My dream of paddling at Lake Tahoe.

My dream of paddling at Lake Tahoe.

In the evenings I have occasional live calls and meetings with my team. We plan out events and trips and the groups we are running together. I also have a designated afternoon/evening for recruiting calls to get to know people that are interested in my coaching business. I work 2 nights a week, and the other 5 nights a week I am free to be with my loved ones or explore new places.


Some coaches I currently work with and have lots of live calls with.

I finish the day with a healthy dessert and documentary or a night swim or a social event. Then I wind down, do my evening journaling, and bedtime routine.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3


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