My goals in the beginning.

My BFF Melanie inspired me to do the challenge and startup as a coach at the same time. I have been watching her first challenge group progress from her beginning invitation post to a group of over 40 people and now at least 4 coaches. She is inspiring, and I haven’t been motivated to push my fitness limits in a very long time. I am also realizing a longtime dream of mine: to work in the fitness world myself.
Ever since I completed my biggest fitness accomplishment (a year of triathlons) I have not been able to find the same motivation. That was 3 years ago and now I am forming a new goal: live a healthy life, full of energy, with the hardest goal of all: CONSISTENCY. I am not completing a one time event, or losing a certain amount of weight, I want to be healthy for the simple fact that it is a part of my life on a regular basis. Whether I become super toned or merely maintain a healthy body weight, my goal is consistency.

My second goal is to become STRONG. Looking fit or average is one thing, but being able to lift, push, pull, run, sprint, etc, is something that not every average looking person can do. Therefore my progress will be measured by physical abilities: can I do a pull-up? Can I run one, two, or three miles? Can I support my own body weight in numerous ways? For example, how long can I hold a plank? A wall-sit? How many full push-ups can I do? How flexible am I? Can I run up stairs without getting out of breath? And last but not least, I want to be an Insanity Pro. Have you seen those videos? I can’t wait.

Lastly, and most importantly: I want to be HAPPY. All good things come to those who are Happy! When you are fit and healthy, everything else in your life seems to just fall into place and you become Happier! When you are Happy, people want you around. When you are Happy, life makes sense or is changing for the better. When you are Happy, you have a better chance of winning that job interview, or making an impression, when you are Happy you have a better chance at succeeding at life in general! And of all things I know, you can not reach your full happiness potential unless you are physically well, strong, healthy. I stand by this: the most important factor of happiness is our Health.

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