My Daily Success Plan

Starting on August 1st I began my daily success plan. I have been tweaking it and perfecting it since then and it has taken time to develop. Here is a little bit of how it looks:

I wake between 6:30 and 7:30 am and I claim my morning. I like to think of myself “claiming” the morning for myself and starting my day right. I journal, read my affirmations, make my bed, dress, and immediately start my workout. At the moment I am doing a 22 minute high intensity interval training workout program. Next I will do a few weeks of yoga, followed by another intense program after that. I love how my company provides variety and choices. 

After the workout I currently begin my day job. Right now I manage a bed and breakfast in America’s oldest city. I manage the cleaning crew, guest relations, and customer service. I’m not sure how these management jobs fit into my long term plan, but they do allow me to live rent free, travel the world, meet internationals, and save all my money. It’s a good system for now. 

During the rest of the day, I complete my Most Important Actions (MIA’s). I divide them into segments and reward myself with more desirable tasks in between the MIA’s. For example, I will spend 30 minutes on follow up messaging and networking, then have a meal and write a blog post or design fun images for marketing. After that break, I will spend another 30 minutes or send a specific number of messages. 

This system is working well. Lately I have also aligned myself with some high power coaches in the network that are moving their businesses fast and in the right direction. I have found others out there with the same drive as me so I am not alone. It is important that I have TONS of accountability. I also hired a coach for extra accountability and I am taking on leadership roles in online communities. 

When it comes to a successful environment and daily plan, I want to pull out all the stops. I now have a “Celebration Day” after 6 days in a row of completing my most important business growth tasks. I put together a box full of rewards and coupons to choose from on Celebration Day. 

Celebration Day! After 6 days of business activity goals met I will reward myself. This box holds fun things and reward coupons.

Celebration Day! After 6 days of business activity goals met I will reward myself. This box holds fun things and reward coupons.

I am also practicing restraint. When there is something I want or would like, I am experimenting with saying no more often. The desire passes and I feel stronger on the inside. This has all come together for me as I started setting real yet scary goals with my coaches and listing the activities I must complete to meet those goals. 

My family tells me I am good at setting goals and accomplishing them, and all these tactics are my methods or “stupid human tricks” to get myself to follow through. I hope that over the next 3.5 months my routine will become so normal that it sticks with me when I am traveling full time. 

This quote is motivating me and I placed it around my neck to remind me all day long: “Self discipline brings me inner strength and leads me to success.” Everything is changing and happening right now, starting in August and throughout this blog challenge and after. I keep telling myself all the reasons why this MUST work, I must be able to support myself while traveling, and I MUST establish my work routine now before I am on the move when it will be harder to create a routine. It feels like it is working, and it is working. And I will do whatever it takes to follow through. 

My new favorite quote and daily reminder

My new favorite quote and daily reminder.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5


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