Location Independence

Everything I am striving for leads me to location independence. What is location independence to me?

Location independence is being able to grab my bag and drive or fly wherever I want to go at anytime. It means if I want to attend an event I can just book the ticket and it won’t affect my work schedule. It means my job remains the same, regardless of what city, state, or country I live in. 

Location independence is freedom. I have had glimpses of it all my life when I walk down a street in a new place, when I pack a bag and sit in the airport, when I land in a new city and start exploring. I feel it when I ride my bike on a trail or go to a new pool to swim laps. It’s a strong sense of calm and reflection and peace that I don’t feel anywhere else. 

Driving "Tiny Car" up A1A.

Driving “Tiny Car” up A1A.

Part of it is being alone, but it also includes meeting new people and meeting old friends that have moved away. I know people in all the places I travel to so I never feel alone. 

Friends I made while adventuring in Kansas City.

Friends I made while adventuring in Kansas City.

So how does my current business fit in with location independence? I can stream my workouts anytime anywhere. I have my superfood and protein shake in little packets and take them on the go. I have a small cooler of my healthy foods. I stay in places that have community kitchens or visit friends and cook my food. 

My daily routine involves waking early to exercise and start my day off right. Then I send messages, emails, set phone appointments and team calls. I schedule posts on social media ahead of time and update my ads and marketing. In the afternoons, I explore nearby national parks or kayak on a lake or go sight-see with the people I have met in my location.


A day hike with friends while traveling in New York.

A couple evenings a week I devote to phone calls with clients and customers. I record videos and send email campaigns. If I am somewhere long term I can get into a more intense work rhythm. If I am somewhere short term I can go into maintenance mode. 

But I can take this all a step further. In my ideal lifestyle, I have a couple or 3 hours a day of work for my business, then I am off exploring a new place, or learning something new like playing the piano, studying calligraphy, or practicing Spanish. 

Bicycling and dogsitting during my last full time travel phase.

Bicycling and dogsitting during my last full time travel phase.

What location am I picturing at the moment? Lake Tahoe. It’s my current dream to venture and explore this area while being location independent. The trip is nearing, I just have to make sure my business routine is ready. 

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9


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