Jenny’s 5 Rules for Success in Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t easy unless you master a few foundational habits for success. Here are some of the rules I personally live by and recommend.

1. Progress not perfection: I see so many people get frustrated when things get hard, or when they can’t do a workout perfectly, or when they have “only” lost a few pounds, or when they feel overwhelmed during meal preparation. The biggest thing to remember during the hard times is that progress is all that matters. Do one more push-up than you did yesterday, go five minutes longer, add one more serving of vegetables, drink one more glass of water. Even more important, don’t let others talk you out of healthy choices because it’s not perfect. Ranch dressing on a salad? You’re still eating a salad and doing better than yesterday, that’s what really matters. Constant improvement is the only way to get to your goals.


2. Drink tap water. Don’t be a water snob. Carry around your bottle and fill it up everywhere you go. The people that refuse to drink tap water are the ones that aren’t getting enough on a regular basis. I personally drink a huge amount of water daily and I could never carry that much bottled water with me, nor would I want to waste the money. Drink up.

3. Form Over Speed: When you’re doing your workout go slow. The people in the video may be doing twice as many reps as you but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do it correctly and injury free. We call it modifying. I modify all the time. Seriously. I don’t do 360 degree jumps on carpet or wood floors. I always land softly to protect my knees. Be aware of the impact and your form and when you feel rushed, dangerous, or sloppy stop and slow down. The results will be much better and you won’t find yourself in a cast.


4. Substitutions. Eat nuts instead of chips. Lettuce leaves instead of taco shells. A fruit smoothie instead of cereal. Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Dates instead of candy bars. Quinoa instead of rice. Learn what superfoods are and how to always make healthy substitutes for all kinds of things.

5. Focus on the purpose of social gatherings: This is the hardest in my opinion. Celebrations, family gatherings, weddings, showers, whatever the event is it has a PURPOSE. It’s to spend time with loves ones, reconnect, and celebrate. The purpose of the gathering has nothing to do with the food served. Smile, hug people, ask them how they are doing, connect with them and their lives. If you haven’t brought healthy additions to the meal, eat a little and drink extra water or count it as your free meal for the week. Don’t get bent out of shape or emotional, just enjoy the real reason you’re with those people and start fresh the next morning. And when everyone seems to focus on the food, master the art of deflection or redirection. Change the subject back to what matters.


I could list more, but I honestly believe these 5 rules for weight loss are the most important. Have a suggestion of your own? Leave a comment I’d love to hear 🙂
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Best wishes on your healthy journey

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