How Triathlons and Marathons will let you down.

How Triathlons and Marathons let you down.

I love swimming. I enjoy biking and running. I love the outdoors. I have a really cool vintage fold up mountain bike. I love combining these activities in an afternoon of physical activity. Back in 2010 and 2011 I spent a year training for and completing 3 triathlons. One of them was intense in my opinion. I enjoy giving back to the community by participated in these fundraisers. They are wonderful for all involved and are helping motivate people to get off the couch, fight obesity, and do something good.

When I did those activities I felt great and I was healthy. But I want to say something in this post that might interest a few people. Endurance activities alone do not transform your body. They are great for you and your heart. They are great for meditation and solace and emotional well-being. They will not typically build muscle or change the composition of your body. Other things will.

After my year of completing in triathlons and another year of running the occasional 5k, I noticed that those activities never made me look that great. My body was still pretty typical. I also realized that those activities are very achievable for people with most body types. What I mean is: you can be fat and still complete a triathlon. You can be overweight, even highly overweight, and run a 5k or a half marathon. You can be incredibly unprepared even and still power through one of these events. I know many people that complete them without much training at all.

But also the people that do train, intensely train, for these events may not appear to even be physically active. That’s because our bodies can handle endurance without building much muscle or altering composition, and if we maintain high calorie levels, our bodies can complete these trainings without losing any weight at all.


That’s why after marking an intense triathlon off my bucket list, I didn’t feel like I had truly pushed my body to its limits. I couldn’t do a push-up. I couldn’t hold a plank. I couldn’t do a pull-up. My core was as soft as a feather. My legs were a little toned from biking, but the rest of my body was still typical. I felt great but I didn’t think my body reflected my level of endurance abilities. I often said, “you’re never going to look like you can do a push-up if you can’t do a push-up.”

Does that make sense? How many women want toned lean arms yet they can’t do a push-up? How many people try to lose weight with light jogging and eating 3000 calories a day? How many people are addicted to the same exercise over and over again and wonder why their bodies never change shape?

I might sound vain. It’s not about how we look, it’s about how we feel, and cardio endurance activities keep us healthy. For me though I needed something new and different and I wanted to investigate the process of changing the human body. I embarked on a new level of fitness with Beachbody and these at-home workouts. I built my abdominal core in a way I never have. I can do push-ups and a lot of other things now. And you know what? The hard work SHOWS. I like that. Someday I will do another triathlon. I will still run the occasional 5k. I still love endurance and cardio. But the missing piece to the puzzle has been found and I’m so happy I figured it out.

I’d like for you to join me and my SuperTeam on our amazing journey. Send me a message today to get started. If you have thoughts on this article please share them below.

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