How to travel and stay healthy

Lessons on Healthy Traveling:

Here are some of the things I have learned about maintaining a healthy diet and workout regimen on the go.

Packing and In Route tips:

First, You can take food with you on flights. Pack your carryon or suitcase with whatever snacks you want, especially for airport snacks and for late night arrivals. Take apples, cheese sticks, Avocados, raw nuts, carrots, peppers, sandwiches, any food you want. Liquids are not allowed, but food is fine!

Liquids aren't allowed on planes, but FOOD is allowed :)

Liquids aren’t allowed on planes, but FOOD is allowed 🙂

Take your Shakeology mix with you for a healthy start to each day. If you don’t have the individual packets just put some in a ziplock bag and take a shaker bottle. You don’t need a blender.

Take tea packets, and buy water bottles as you go. I brew tea on the go just by shoving the little tea packet into my water bottle. Just let the tea bag float inside your water bottle. Use this tea to replace sugary drinks when traveling.

Grab extra napkins and plastic silverware on pit stops. Save an extra to go cup for drinking on the go. Use the rest stops for meals and cleanup. Sometimes it’s nice to have the little bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag (under 3 ounces).

When you arrive at a destination or prepare for a road trip, go to a market or grocer and stock up on fruits, veggies, nuts and healthy snacks. Having a cooler in your car is awesome for some things, but a majority of your fruits and veggies and travel meals can be kept at room temperature in the backseat. I spent 50 dollars on produce when I arrived in Texas for a 4 day vacation. It did not go to waste.

Shop around and get foods you can eat on the go. Produce doesn't have to be refrigerated!

Shop around and get foods you can eat on the go. Produce doesn’t have to be refrigerated!

Here is the hardest part: Control what you eat and do:

This is easier said than done and takes adjustment for the people you are traveling with or visiting. You have to be firm, persistent, and be ready for REAL resistance. It’s worth it and in the end they respect you for making healthy decisions, and are often inspired.
But first they will be offended. I’m sorry to say that loved ones and friends will react harshly a lot of the time when you choose not to eat or drink what they have planned for you. If you know that this is going to happen, prepare them in advance. Let them know as early as possible that you are going to be bringing your workout DVD, or breakfast shakes, and that you are bringing or planning your own meals. Don’t let them plan and work hard to feed you and then reject it. They need to know in advance.


You have to show people that life doesn’t need to revolve around food. You can love them and visit them and enjoy new places without overeating or sabotaging a healthy lifestyle. Your lifestyle should also be something they care about, but be careful not to force them to join you. Live and let live.

Family meals will be a highlight of any gathering regardless of the purpose for meeting. You will end up eating when you are not hungry, eating food you didn’t want, or partaking in group decisions that you wouldn’t have chosen alone. However, every single morsel you put into your mouth is YOUR decision. Usually, once people get what they want, they won’t pay attention to how much you actually consume. Nibble, fake it, pretend, smile, and keep the conversation focused on what matters : quality time with people you love and their lives. Sip on some water and converse. Enjoy their company and ignore the food or beverages. The meal will end sooner than you think and everyone will get back to the task at hand.

The easier than you expect part: Maintaining your fitness routine while traveling.

Most people expect this to be very hard, but it is not. First of all, a healthy morning jog can take ten minutes. You can be out the door and back before anyone even notices. I’m serious. Ask a friend or family member to go on a walk after dinner. Take advantage of the hotel pool, always! Take the energy to put on your suit and towel and walk to the pool. Tread some water or swim some laps then enjoy the hot tub. Take the stairs back to your room.


When you are on a workout program like Insanity or P90X or Turbofire and you want to stick to the schedule, it CAN be done. However, be ready to get up early. I know from experience that these workouts must be done early while others are still sleeping or lounging around because of the time and technology required. It is near impossible to squeeze in video workouts before or after dinner or in between sightseeing. Others will be annoyed when you interrupt their vacation or time with you. I do think with an intense workout like Insanity I perform much better in the afternoon and feel better doing it, but for traveling it needs to be bumped up to the morning if you want to make sure it gets done.

Technology can be a huge hassle when you are the only person awake and you don’t know how to operate the tv and DVD player in your location. Don’t overlook this, make sure you always know how to operate the tv/DVD the night before when you have someone available to show you how. I bought a personal mini dvd player which I carry to stay on track with my Insanity or other programs, however now you can use Beachbody on Demand and wireless internet when you have a solid internet connection. Don’t count on hotel wifi to be strong, it never is. Staying with friends will give you better internet connections if you’re planning to stick to an On Demand calendar.

For those of you preferring more moderately healthy vacations make sure to walk to lots of sights, natural parks and wonders, and still get your veggies. However, when you commit to a more amped healthy lifestyle remember that you CAN still do it while traveling. Please post your own comments and tips, lets help each other out 🙂


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