How Shaun T is about to sweep the nation off the couch

There is a new workout available this month called Focus T25. It features Shaun T from Insanity. Most people have seen the Insanity infomercials on TV and been impressed by the crazy abilities of Shaun and his crew. It is immediately obvious that Insanity is the hardest workout ever put on DVD. I knew a year ago that if I ever purchased an at home workout it would be Insanity.

Five months ago I did just that. I scoffed at the price at first, but after some gentle prods from my BFF who was coaching, I bit the bullet and ordered a Challenge Pack. I had been dealing with depression and complacency and it was either Insanity, or hiring a personal trainer, and when I realized I would own my Shaun T DVDs for life I had no hesitation. I waited for it to arrive in the mail and picked the following Monday, March 13th, 2013, to be my official start day.

Then something happened. I had found Shaun T on facebook and followed his page. He mentioned the “Birthday Challenge” and some contest that was coming soon. I read the posts and it slowly sunk in. . . . . . .Shaun T was about to start Insanity himself. He wanted all of his followers to do it at the same time, start on the same day, and stick it out for the entire 60 days leading up to his birthday. And he wanted everyone to start on Monday, March 13th, 2013.

Do you get this? Do you get how much of an impact this had on me? Can you feel the excitement I had knowing that THE MAN HIMSELF would be doing every single workout, every day, with me? And each and every day I read his posts before and after the workout about how hard it was, how it made him feel, what it’s like to do the workout on the other side. You can count on this:: I never missed a single day. Even Shaun T was honest when he missed a day and I thought, no worries Shaun I will do it for you. Yes it was hard, I had to go to social gatherings and sip water, eat half a meal, once I even made a friend angry by insisting on pushing play, but it was worth it.

My body transformed in as little as 28 days. I built muscle, lost bodyfat, and regained my happiness towards life.

So . . . . .how is Shaun T about to sweep away the nation? His new workout has sold more copies already, this month after 3 weeks, than anything Beachbody has ever seen when releasing a product. Don’t take that lightly, they own P90x, TurboFire, Les Mills Pump, all the best workouts. And Focus T25, which is only 25minutes a day and has the same results as Insanity, is flying off the shelf. It’s been on back order twice already.

And then it happened.. . . . .Shaun T has announced he is doing the workout publicly very soon. Within a couple weeks. I have ordered my copy and most of my teammates are getting ready. Imagine the number of people that will be starting this workout on the exact same day? Imagine the number of posts, videos, and team challenges that will take advantage of this. Imagine yourself, getting off the couch, hell just turn off your cable tv like I did, and push play every day for ten weeks. Join me, join my team, join THE MAN HIMSELF.

You have a few days left to order your copy and get it in the mail before the price goes up, (sale ends July 31) and before Shaun T starts this official nationwide collaboration of people getting fit. Don’t miss out. I guarantee this is a decision, a program, and a lifestyle that you will never regret.

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Jenny Ragland

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