How I’m conquering depression

This year I have admitted to myself that I have been going through a bout of depression. I wouldn’t say I always struggle with depression, but when circumstances get strenuous or extremely challenging, I definitely take a downturn. It seems inconsistent enough that I am dealing with it naturally, through counseling or fitness or hobbies etc.

I have heard that people struggling with depression don’t realize what “normal” feels like until they actually experience it. I don’t think I am one of those people because I do also spend frequent amounts of time feeling normal, or even happy. Especially on the weekends. So, obviously I struggle with the daily grind and repetitive schedules, the challenges of dealing with my job, and the loss of possibility within my career. I have high expectations and I refuse to settle. So anytime I feel trapped, I get down, really really down, until I have found a remedy. Many times the past 2.5 years I come home from work physically and emotionally exhausted, lay around all night, eat a large unhealthy dinner, and waste my evenings. I read constantly and plan all the time, but I was doing it while also letting my physical health decline. When it came to fitness I was apathetic, lethargic, and unmotivated. When it came to life depending on the day I often felt numb.

Until now, finally I feel alive. I’m getting in shape. I have a new goal, and I have made my goal public which is very important. I feel good, I feel like I look good, and I know my body is improving.

Just a couple weeks of intense fitness, healthy nutrition, and public accountability has turned things around. I knew it would. I knew if I were more active I would feel better and I thank my best friend for convincing me to do it. I can’t say I was so depressed that this has saved my life, because I know I have mild and circumstantial bouts of depression, but I can say that it has made me happy. And that’s why my theme is centered on “The Key to Happiness.” My team is “The Team that Holds the Key” and my website is Regular fitness truly is the key to happiness. Maybe it also serves as a good distraction from work stress, but all I know is I am happier, I’m singing in the shower, I’m smiling, and I can do this now. All of this.

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