How I Beat Procrastination and Overwhelm

This month I learned how to beat procrastination and overwhelm. I was challenged by my coach to do 100 invitations before September 16th. That gave me exactly 16 days to invite my 100 potential customers which averages to only 6-7 invites per day. The problem is that day after day I procrastinated. I did other things, watched a few shows, slacked off on my new morning routine, and got the minimum amount of work done. 

Each day that I didn’t try I became more and more overwhelmed with sadness, frustration, and letdown. I was waited for something but I didn’t know what. The first 7 days of the month passed and I had another call with my coach, and I had to admit that I hadn’t done anything. It was embarrassing. But I had hope, there was still another week. 

So for another 3 days I continued to procrastinate, except this time I reached out for help. I spoke with a couple trusted friend and family members about my lack of motivation and fear. Just verbalizing my inability to get to work helped me see from outside myself. And one relative said, “You can’t work every day. You need days off and rewards for your hard work.”

So together we created a list of things I could reward myself with such as a new device or purchase, a shopping day, a bike ride or swim or day at the beach, little things I had been wanting but wouldn’t allow myself. This system would allow me to earn those rewards. The deal was 6 days of work followed by my “Celebration Day.” 

Suddenly there was an end in sight. But I took it all a step further, and this is even more important than the reward day. I started “practicing restraint” with all kinds of little things. My dark hair roots need a highlight, but I wouldn’t allow myself. I wanted to paint my nails but I wouldn’t allow myself. I wanted to send a couple fun emails, package some gifts, or read about some new discoveries online, but I practiced restraint there too. 

I took those 100 invitations, divided them into 20 each for the last 5 days of my goal and then into subsections of 5. I would allow myself to watch an interesting video after I had completed 5 invitations. I would allow myself to design some creative photos after I had sent 5 more invites. I would allow myself to write my daily blog post after all 20 invitations for the day had been sent. 

The system worked like a charm. I started collecting all the things I could restrain from, until I had sent the next 5 invites. Even a shower or eating lunch. My work became tiny little sections of my day and I got into a beautiful rhythm. 

At 8:15 pm on Friday night September 16th, I finished the 1ooth invitation. I had done it. I had even enjoyed it because of all the rewards, but also because it amplified my output in ALL areas. I was incredibly productive all 5 days. I had small rewards all day long, mostly the more desirable work tasks. And at the end of this week, I get my Celebration Day. I am motivated to get EVERYTHING on the list complete before Celebration Day. I want it to feel truly earned. 

The first 11 days of this month I was a mess. It felt horrible. But I persevered, I found a solution, and I overcame it all. The best part? I know I am really onto something here….something that will skyrocket my success the rest of 2016. 

So what is the 1 main activity I will do every day, even if it’s not perfect? I will continue this new habit and continue my high volume of networking, inviting, and 20 points of contact on a daily basis. My coach says I should do it 5 days a week rather than 6 and I think I will. The 6th day will be for all the more desirable work activities that I couldn’t fit in. And the 7th day will still be Celebration Day! Onward with the Forward Momentum! I am HAPPY and I can’t wait! Now that’s the opposite of procrastination. 

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7


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