Finding my Focus: Self Discipline

So I am at that point. Ever since my second year of teaching, back in 2010, I have been outlining my ideal lifestyle. I started out by listing my hobbies, passions, and anything I enjoyed about life. It definitely did not involve public schools and battling behaviors and classroom management on a daily basis. My list did involve teaching, learning, and public speaking though. Certain parts of the job I thrived at, other parts of the job kept me awake all night full of stress and anxiousness.


My ideal lifestyle was focused on my passions like travel, art, fitness, and learning. I followed one blogger after another that seemed to be living a location independent life and each new person I discovered on the internet inspired me that I could do the same. I didn’t know how I would support myself but I knew I had no other option than to make it happen. I wouldn’t last in the classroom long and I knew it.


It was during my 4th year of teaching that my planning came to fruition. I bought my first website domains, launched a travel and art website followed by my health coaching website. I didn’t know how I would mesh everything together but I knew I had the drive and the ability. Since then I finished my teaching career and embarked on multiple long term trips. It’s been great.


But I am at that point where I am facing my biggest challenge. I believe this challenge defines my life right now. I have worked part time and now full time at temporary jobs as I traveled and continued my business. But there is one major thing preventing me from stepping fully onto the pedestal that I have been climbing toward for years.


I am lacking self discipline. I am in between two worlds, relying on old ways to support me while also continuously working my business month after month. I realize I have consistently shown up to work my business, making mistakes, never giving up, but also never having the self discipline it takes to overcome obstacles like procrastination, time management, and constant distractions. There is a certain amount of hustle it takes to break through this wall that I face and I am grasping for the self discipline required. The sacrifice, the determination, the work until the sun comes up mentality.


I listened to a speaker in July at Coach Summit. Gary Vaynerchuk spoke and he told us the top methods he thought we all should use to grow our business. As some of us wondered, “Why would he tell us his secrets?” He answered his own question. He said “Because I know 90 percent of you are not going to do it.” And I haven’t. I know exactly what actions I should be doing daily, weekly, and monthly with my business. I have a complete business plan and no questions remaining about what needs to be done. I simply have to put my head down and work.


I accepted a writing challenge even though I already feel overwhelmed with my workload because I am desperate to find my own self discipline. This blog post  is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1.

I will be writing a new post each day for 10 days total as I hope to understand and discover self discipline in a new way.



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