Everybody hates their job…right?

We all have good days and bad days at our jobs, we all complain, we all wish we did something else from day to day. It’s normal right?

I have spent the last five years with those thoughts going through my head. But I always wondered, at what point am I not just having a bad day? At what point do I realize I might have chosen the wrong profession? How do you know if you should keep going or start looking for something better?

It’s not easy to figure that out, especially when many people around say, “Everyone hates their job so just suck it up and quit complaining.”

Those kind of statements tell us to settle, to give up, to continue living a life that might not be our best life. And I refuse to settle.

Maybe it’s because my generation was repeatedly told that we could do whatever we wanted with our lives. Maybe it’s because my generation had quite a lengthy work history before we even graduated from college. Maybe it’s because I am back working inside the very same building where I was told to live out my dreams and that anything was possible. Whatever the reason, there is something inside of me that will not let me give up. Because if I’m going to continue living, in this life and on this earth, I might as well do something amazing. Or at least try ya know?

Many of my posts mention that I recently was able to break free from depression. I was able to transform my health using Beachbody programs and coaching. I was able to makeover my diet from a fast food lifestyle into a superfood meal plan. But more importantly I have been able to finally determine the path of my career. I don’t have to be confused anymore. After 5 years of working in a mentally grueling profession, I can take a break and pursue something that has meaning to me and those around me. I’m a teacher at heart and I now get to teach others how to lose weight, get fit, and change their daily habits.

Are you confused about what you are doing? Do you wonder if you are settling and could be doing something more with your life? I want you to think about yourself in ten years and decide: Is this enough? Will you be happy with yourself if your life’s work is spent doing what you do? Every day counts. Every week matters. Every year is a chance to do something unique and interesting. It’s still work, but it can be work that you love and work that is worth getting out of bed for each day. You can start taking steps, even if they are small or gradual, to make sure you enjoy what you do.

On a final note, I want you to remember that you can do what you want in this life and your life is worth it. And no, we don’t all hate our jobs. Some of us really, really, love our jobs.


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