Celebrating Freedom!

Day 10 of my blog challenge has arrived. It is COMPLETELY perfect that this is also my first ever “Celebration Day.” I worked 6 days in a row, accomplishing all the business tasks I had set forth for myself. So today, I get to dye my hair, paint my nails, go for a swim, go shopping, and watch a movie. 

What did I enjoy most about the blog challenge? I enjoyed relearning how quick and simple it is to write and put content out in the world. Each night I wrote my post before going to bed and I was pasting my content, creating links, uploading images, and sharing the post with the world with ease. Every thing that we procrastinate on is actually a simple task once we sit down and force ourselves to actually complete it. I have been wanting to write one blog post per week since I renewed my business focus in August. This blog challenge is the first time I actually got back into writing. For that I must thank Natalie Sisson and her 10 Day Blog Challenge. 

My favorite challenge day was Day 5: My Daily Success Plan

I enjoyed that day because I had just had a significant breakthrough in my daily work routine. After struggling for 6 weeks to create my routine, I was finally forced to get into a rhythm in the few days prior. With impending deadlines and frustrating mounting in my business, this week I finally surged past all of that. I was in a beautiful routine of less desirable tasks followed by more desirable tasks, and rotating between the two. I blogged all about that rhythmic routine on Day 5. 

My biggest takeaway from the 10 Day Blog Challenge was that I can accomplish so much more. Once I learned how to manage my time, I became the most productive I have ever been. By the end of the week, I felt organized, accomplished, and at peace with my business. This is quite different than how I felt at the beginning of the week. 

As this challenge ends, I am taking a new step forward in my business to maintain this wonderful rhythm. I have my balance of tasks and rewards throughout the work days, I have my work life balance day on Saturday. I work Sunday and then I have Celebration Day on Monday (if I have earned it). It’s a system that got me to a new level of productivity. I am writing, I am doing the Most Important Actions of my business, and I am making sure to reward myself. If you are struggling with self discipline, know that you can gain the focus that you want, you just have to be relentless until you figure out your system. 

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10


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