Can you correct your posture?

I’ve always struggled with poor posture.
It started in middle school when I was taller than all the boys in 6th grade.
It got worse in high school as I began depleting my calcium sources with birth control, and as I dated someone shorter than me, and for whatever hereditary reasons I had been born with.

What always frustrated me though was when people would claim that posture could be corrected mentally.
Have you ever tried to mentally correct your posture?
Maybe you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and you suddenly remember “oh yeah, I want to stand up straighter!”
And then 5 minutes later as you are back on whatever task, you slump back into your natural body position.

So…I knew that just “thinking about it” would never correct my posture because it’s well…..mentally impossible to only have one thought.

So I learned over the years to blow off what I considered to be ignorant and frustrating comments about posture, whether about my posture or others, even from my own mother (yes you moms are the worst and you know it).

Then about a year ago I read an article by a chiropractor that seemed to solve the predicament for me. He explained that “thinking about your posture” wont actually change it. Finally an expert was confirming what I had found to be common sense! He also went on to say that trying to correct out posture using devices, contraption (which i had tried) would only cause back problems. His message was: unless you are in pain, don’t worry about it. whew. I was off the hook.

Then I went on my fitness spree the past 9 months with Beachbody. I’ve done Insanity, T25, Insanity Asylum, Brazil Butt Lift, Les Mills Pump, etc etc.
And this is what happened:
Without even trying or thinking about it, I had improved my posture!!!
After all this time I had given up. I seriously was just trying to conquer depression and get fit.
And you know what is was?
Not jogging. Not cardio. It was all of the constant CORE work in these programs. And by core work, I mean the latest most innovative and compound exercises by the best fitness experts in the U.S.

I kinda want to cry with happiness. Yes, I am still craning my neck as I sit here typing this and yes I still catch myself slouching in public, but I now know that it can be corrected and it starts with our MUSCLES.
And every time I do the moves that are targeting my core, back, and shoulders, I get excited at the fact that they are making me look years younger.

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