Brazil Butt Lift Review

Brazil Butt Lift: Review

I decided to add Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift workout to my regimen in order to tighten and lift my butt. I have always said if I could change one part of my body it would be my rear end. I am the perfect example of a pear shape body with a flat, jiggly, and cellulite covered bum. Even when I have been super skinny, my butt has always been my weak spot.

So after looking at those triangle training infomercials and seeing a friend do the workout combined with Insanity I pulled out my debit card and ordered the workout. It comes with 6 workouts, a Bonus workout, a resistance band, Leandro’s tip cards, and a nutrition guide. Other notes in the package explain how to take before photos and measurements. There is also a booklet with at least four different workout combinations to choose from depending on your body. They left nothing out.

I chose a workout program and got started in the mornings, and left my evenings for Insanity. I also bought some heavy duty ankle weights from Walmart. My intentions are to revamp my butt quickly! Before pictures taken, I jumped in on a Monday.

I quickly realized that when combining this workout with Insanity I needed to make some modifications. Of the six workouts, I zeroed in on the 3 that affected my booty the quickest: Basics, Bum Bum, and High and Tight. I had read reviews about the latter two specifically and how effective they were.

The three workouts I leave in the booklet (for doing later when I take a break from Insanity) are Cardio Axe, Sculpt, Abs. These workouts are awesome and they make Brazil Butt Lift a complete workout program with a pure cardio workout, lifting, and Ab focus, but I just wanted to utilize the extreme booty DVD’s. I could tell the other workouts would be great but they were things I already get from Insanity, and adding them would put me at risk of workout “overkill” and failure, if you know what I mean 🙂

So here are my modifications and how I am using the workouts:

1. I do BASICS and BUM BUM together as a combined workout. I realize Basics is just an intro to the moves, however each time I do it it burns and makes me sore. It is slow and controlled and it works. I immediately jump into Bum Bum during the same session making it about a 45 minute workout overall.
2. I wear ankle weights the whole time, even though its not required. Max benefits right!?
The next day I do HIGH & TIGHT. This workout is awesome!!! In the menu go to “play all” and do all three segments of High and Tight in a row, lasting about 45 minutes again.
3. Once again, I wear ankle weights the whole time, even combined with the resistance band on High and Tight.
4. I tend to focus on getting max results from the butt and leg moves, and mastering the arm or dance moves is not as important.
5. I focus on slow and controlled movements and often go slower than the girls.
6. I grimace and sweat, unlike the smiling Barbie Dolls in the video.
7. This allows me to do a butt workout 4 times per week. I do Basics/Bum Bum day1 then High and Tight day 2, then rest the third day if I am sore, then start over.
8. I feel an extra lift in my step, my butt feels tighter, and my thighs are shaky after a workout.
9. It’s working.

I don’t expect my rear end to have amazing before and after pictures this soon (it’s only been three weeks) but I do believe if I stick to it and continue my healthy diet and exercise that my booty will get a makeover. And this kind of makeover I truly did not think was possible!

Keep following me and eventually I will post those before and after pictures of my bum bum 🙂 in my estimation, I will be ready in about 45 days or so.

I also want to make clear: Brazil Butt Lift would be an excellent, all over, complete workout program by itself. Like I said, they left nothing out. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to lose weight, not just shape up their butt. My favorite line of Leandro’s : Don’t Settle For Less. Said in his Brazilian accent of course!

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