A message to all past, present, and future members

Want to know why some people fail and others have glorious success?
This program has to be your passion. It has to consume you. 60 days 70 days, 90 days whatever, you have to give it your all.
It can’t be 50 percent of the workouts, or missing one after another and trying to stack them up after two days missed.
It can’t be eating good for 4 days then binging all weekend.
This has to be your ultimate goal.
Prioritize your health and body like you never have.
Plan your meals and your workouts around ALL obstacles.
See what’s coming: a family get together? A holiday celebration? A work trip? A stressful deadline?
You know what’s going to derail you. Attack it like a monster.
Pack your meals. Politely decline. Plan neutral events. Get up earlier. Do what you have to do to get where you want to be.
Let nothing stop you from achieving your goal.
You are worth it. Your body is worth it. Your kids are worth it.
Your life is worth it.

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