15 months left. . . .

Today is March 1st and that means I have 15 months left. I started at 21 months. It seemed like an eternity back when I made a poster in my basement studio listing 21 months until I would have my debt paid off. I had been making the minimum payments on my debts for long enough something needed to be done. I had to stop traveling and pay these off. Sure I could keep spending every extra penny on plane tickets and continue on, but after a backpacking trip abroad to Europe it seemed to finally be time. Before my next trip I needed to get as close to debt free as possible, and that meant paying off all commercial debt. (I’m not even pretending to imagine paying off my student loan debt).

In all I had two credit card debts (one big and one small debt), a medical debt, and a contract fine from switching schools late in the summer. It totaled just over 12,000 dollars. As a teacher that’s a big number and it was going to take me close to two years. Not traveling for two years??? Yikes! How can I make that shorter??? Okay, so I knocked it down to 21 months after calculating tax refunds, selling a vehicle, etc etc. That’s still not enough so I am hoping for miracles and some hard work on the side to help meet my goal: payoff all commercial debt by June 2014. And you know the first thing I plan to do when I meet that goal? Hop on a plane and go somewhere. 21 months of debt snowballing will be long enough. I just hope I can really do it.

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