10 things I love about working with Beachbody

For the last year I have been growing a side business into a full time business. I got into online health and weight loss coaching after Insanity helped me conquer depression and transform my body. Now I get to leave my former profession (teaching in the public school system) and embark on a whole new adventure. Here are some reasons why I love working with Beachbody.

10 things I love about working with Beachbody:

1. I get paid to workout and stay in shape. Seriously, how cool is that?

My Insanity Transformation

My Insanity Transformation

2. I work for a “real deal” company. It’s a solid program that involves sweat, exercise, healthy foods, portion control, and nutrient dense Shakeology. There are no pills, creams, wraps, or impermanent fads or trends.

3. Weekly paychecks from Beachbody are helping me pay off my debt and will soon be my full time income.

4. Unlike many professions, there is no limit to how much income I will earn. The harder I work, the more I get paid. I can make my business grow quickly or slowly according to my lifestyle..

5. Beachbody has tons of rewards and recognition. Every month I’m surprised with more swag gear and sports equipment .

6. I’ve earned or won free trips already in my first year of coaching. A free trip to LA and a private workout with Tony Horton. A lunch with the CEO himself at headquarters.

Our private workout with Tony Horton

Our private workout with Tony Horton

7. After transforming my body with Insanity, I got to personally tell Shaun T “thank you” and get a picture with him.

Smiling with Shaun T

Smiling with Shaun T

8. I am my own CEO. I market my coaching and the programs I love. I help others succeed and I do it in my own style. I learn new things that will make my business grow and I do it all on my own. I am self driven.

9. With this job I can travel the world and work online. If you know me, you know that traveling is my one true love.

10. I get to help people change their lives. Nothing is better than that. They aren’t just smiling for a day, they have extended the length and quality of their life.

With all those awesome perks, who wouldn’t want this job? I’d love to help YOU get started in the fitness industry with the best job ever. Simply fill out this form to get more information about coaching.

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